translated from Spanish: Field: Liaison Board assesses stoppage with cease-marketing

Members of the Liaison Board will meet on the start of the first week of 2021 by videoconference to assess whether or not they are unemployed with cease-marketing and cargo control, in response to the Government’s recent decision to ban maize exports. This was confirmed by the owner of Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA), Jorge Chemes, after noting that «the mood of the producers is very bronch».» The contained bronch that came from several other measures erupted. It came to light, there’s a lot of fuss. People are calling for immediate protest measures. We’ll listen to the Confederations about what action to take, but this is not going to go unnoticed. It’s a hit-and-run to the producer’s work, a totally inconsultant measure,» Chemes said.

The ruralist argued that «when the country needs more, with 40 million people in poverty, every effort is made to lock up production.» The meeting to be held on Monday will be attended by the CRA, the Argentine Rural Society, the coninagro cooperativists and the Argentine Agricultural Federation (FAA). Asked about proposals to be discussed in Assemblies to be held in Bell Ville (Córdoba), Pergamino (Buenos Aires) and other points of the country, where self-convened producers demand unemployment with cessation of grain marketing and farming and control of loads on routes, Chemes admitted that the CRA Board of Directors will evaluate them at its meeting on Wednesday.» I’m hearing it from our rural producer bases and the self-convened ones. There’s a firm position of protest. It’s the most prevalent thing right now,» he said.
On a possible date to carry out a force measure, Chemes considered that there are rural interiors who are «specifically raising» it, but it has not yet been decided: «Tomorrow we will have more information from other entities and on Wednesday in the case of CRA we will be with something concrete to raise it.» There is a misconfided concept of government about the production of the field. Sometimes it seems that they are looking for conflict scenarios, they seem to want to fight, instead of seeking harmony, the issue is the fight, the confrontation, always disturbing and locking the productive system. It turns out that now that people need to be fed, measures are taken that all they cause is retraction,» he said.
«The government used to us saying one thing and doing another»

Finally, he admitted that the closure of maize exports could be followed by measures in other sectors: «Anything can be, the government got us used to it saying one thing and doing another.» If prices are targeted, they can be transferred to other products. But to think that this is how they can handle prices and production is to live on another planet. That doesn’t lead to anything good, and it doesn’t solve structural problems,» Chemes closed.

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