translated from Spanish: the state with the most cop killings 2020

Guanajuato.- The state ruled by the panista Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, in addition to being the entity that, throughout 2020, presented the highest number of murders to civilians, also, at the same time, is the one that had the highest number of homicides to police officers with 83 of them, being the municipality of Celaya the most affected. It should be noted that this is the third consecutive year that Guanajuato achieves such a terrible brand. Although, as in all other states and as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself has been tasked with optimistically announcing that the red figures in the republic have declined, the truth is that, as never before, Guanajuato broke records in killing police officers this year that has just ended, which is a sign of how bad Mexico is in relation to security.
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Despite security investments, Guanajuato is the state with the highest number of civilian and police killings/Source: @diegosinhue

Just over a month ago, on November 25, when a commander of the Armed Forces of Public Security (FSPE) was allegedly taken from life by an assailant in the municipality of Silao, Guanajuato overcate the 79 homicides of 2019, to move to 80, while in December there would be another 3 events where security agents lost their lives. (Women are linked to trial for alleged involvement in the murder of ministerial agent in Guanajuato)

In this sense, María del Carmen Pilar Déziga, a researcher at the organization Causa en Common, warns that although the numbers speak for themselves about violence in Mexico, politicians apparently do not grasp how big the problem they should be facing is. It shows that, he points out, is that there are no decent working conditions for the policemen. Although it is up to Rodríguez Vallejo’ discursive part, where he paints that Guanajuato is doing very well in relation to the intentional killings committed, repeatedly reiterating that his administration is working on this problem by strengthening security forces and increasing their wages, in the count carried out each year, 83 police killings were recorded, doubling the numbers of the rest of the states (the one that is most close to it is the State of Mexico with 38 casualties) and, at the same time, surpassing by 5% the figures of 2019, the year in which 79 homicides of elements were presented. Nor would the announcement of the state representative promise that guanajuatense policemen would gain 20,000 pesos totally free a month, making them the highest paid in Mexico, has managed to cope with the violent reality faced by these state workers. In this regard, Pilar Déziga details that the truth of things is that the security elements not only have precarious conditions to carry out their work but that this leads them to be completely unprotected in the face of violent attacks. He also points out, the militarization of the nation (with the National Guard and the Navy doing all the activities) is not being much help, since there are no positive results; on the contrary, violence continues. The problem goes beyond the act of murdering security elements, since the fact highlights the degree of decomposition that there is in the social structures of the entity, specifically in some municipalities. In 2020, 19 of the 46 municipalities that make up Guanajuato presented this type of crime, which, many of the time, remain in the collective only as promises of justice and honorable acts, but that in the exercise of the aforementioned no scheme is carried out to plan preventive measures of such crimes. More red numbers in Guanajuato
At the 11-month cut of 2020, 4,209 people were counted in diego Sinhue-ruled entity, surpassing 30% deaths by this route in 2019, becoming the most homicidal stateidios dolosos accounted for in the past year, followed by Michoacán, Sonora, Zacatecas and finally San Luis Potosí: the top 5 of Mexico’s most violent entities.

Original source in Spanish

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