translated from Spanish: Deputy Saavedra calls on government to establish “an Emergency Family Income” to face new wave of Covid-19 cases

To prevent the middle class from suffering the economic havoc of the new Covid-19 wave in Chile, Socialist Party MP Gastón Saavedra called on the Government to introduce further measures to address this situation.
“Today Chile has more poverty, the unemployed are still thousands and there are millions of Chileans who go out on the streets every day to try to get ahead at enormous health risk to themselves and their loved ones,” said the member of the lower house commission of work.
“One of the main measures to stem this wave of contagion is for the government to put on its pants by establishing a universal Guaranteed Family Emergency Income, which goes directly to the impoverished middle class so that it does not expose itself if it is not necessary to catch it,” Saavedra said.
On this point, The PS MP added that “much of the mobility is because people without jobs should go out and seek the livelihood of their families.”
“That is why it is urgent that the government use its powers and establish a basic emergency income of 500 thousand pesos, thus curbing mobility for work reasons. I ask the Minister of Finance not to expect the situation to worsen and let us return to the dramatic levels of June, July and August,” he said.

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