translated from Spanish: Prosecutor’s Office calls for 34 years in prison for “El temucano” (Tito Fernández), investigated for rape and repeated abuse


This morning, the Centro Norte Prosecutor’s Office asked for 34 years in prison for the 78-year-old singer, Humberto Baeza Fernández, better known as Tito Fernández or El Temucano. The crimes for which the artist is investigated are “repeated rape and abuse”, which would have been perpetrated against three ex-dissipulates of the musician, at the Integral Center for Metaphysical Study (CIEM).
This study center was led by the singer-songwriter, the three facts reportedly occurred between 2010 and 2016. For the first complaint, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested a 12-year sentence; for the second 10 years and 1 day; and for the third 12 years. As radio BíoBío connoted, it would be a total of 34 years in prison.
The defense attorney, Nicolás Oxman, said in this context that “all these alleged victims voluntarily went to a motel with Tito Fernández, four to eight times each.” For Oxman, who defends the singer-songwriter’s innocence, “Chilean law only contemplates these cases as crimes for minors not adults, because logically adults where older women are most rightly, they have a duty to behave accountably.”
Case background
The musician recognized sexual intercourse, but according to his version they were consensual. “I recognize that: consensual sex existed (…) No rites. This is a personal matter no more, that was my mistake. At that level, you get to have a sexual relationship, male-female, adult, consensual. There’s no evil here. Not at all,” the defendant said earlier.
However, in journalist Alejandra Matus’ report, “Tallis, Tito Fernández’s secret lodge “El Temucano” and the sexual sacrifices of her disciples,” published in The Clinic three years ago in 2018, three women claimed to have been raped and abused by this subject.
In the report, the reporter claims that one saw herself, standing next to her and saying, next to the subway line: you, you. Another still can’t cry about the abuses he experienced, but any insignificant event causes him overflowing, unstoppable tears, which he doesn’t know where they come from. The third sees him in nightmares tucked under the bed and dreams of yelling at him and hitting him: “Get out of here! I don’t believe you anymore! You cheated on me, you old culiao!” This is the testimony of three women who accuse Humberto Baeza Fernández, known by his stage name “Tito Fernández”, of having used his status as a spiritual teacher to sexually abuse them and who recount the long process they have had to go through to recognize themselves as victims of rape”.
Fernández had been formalized on July 29, the 7th Warranty Court of Santiago left him in pre-trial detention. However, on 6 August the Fourth Chamber of the Court of Appeals of Santiago overturned the precautionary measure, leaving him released.

[*] This article describes or contains elements of an ongoing court proceeding. There is a possibility that the charges or facts may be dismissed at the end of the investigation or the process, so the person(s) referred to as guilty, or the facts as reliable but plausible, should not be regarded until the respective court delivers a judgment.

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