translated from Spanish: Argentina: eighth country with the most vaccinated per million inhabitants

After a week of starting the vaccination process, Argentina is among the countries with the highest number of vaccinated per million inhabitants, ranked number eight. Statistics are carried out by the British tracker Our World in Data, which uses data from the University of Oxford, and refers to daily doses of COVID-19 vaccination administered by one million people, on a mobile average of seven days, from 28 December to 4 January. The ranking is led by Israel, followed by the United States, Denmark, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Estonia, Canada, Poland, China, Mexico and France.

Daily doses of COVID-19 vaccination administered per million inhabitants. Source: Our World in Data

Our World in Data clarifies that the ranking “counts as a single dose and may not equal the total number of people vaccinated, depending on the specific dose regimen (e.g. people receive multiple doses)”. However, in the case of Argentina, which currently uses the Sputnik V vaccine developed in Russia, one dose per person is being given, the first of the two planned for immunization.

Map with total number of DOSes of COVID-19 vaccine administered. Source: Our World in Data

As for the total number of doses applied so far, Argentina ranks 12th, behind the United States, China, Israel, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Italy, Canada, Spain, Bahrain and Denmark.

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