translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: Carnival murgas and Corsicans will be streamed

“In an unprecedented fact, since the return of democracy, Corsicans will not be made in their traditional format in the City of Buenos Aires,” begins the letter that various groups sent to the Port authorities in the face of the regrowth of positive cases of coronavirus.

Through the communiqué, they state that corsicans, murgas and face-to-face Carnival shows will be suspended to prevent contagion, although they can be recorded carrying out health measures and then be seen by streaming. Proposal that seeks to “keep the Carnival alive”.

Carnivals in the City of Buenos Aires Photo: Buenos Aires Tourism

The delegate of the murgas of the Porteño Carnival Circuit, Felipe Fiscina, indicated the intention to celebrate the carnivals in July of this year. “More than a hundred carnival groups decided at a general meeting to suspend any exit in public, outdoor or closed space that might have some kind of turnout,” a move that was reported to the local Ministry of Culture. 

Carnivals in the City of Buenos Aires Photo: Buenos Aires Tourism

In this way “they will be filmed without an audience and with proper protocols”. “It can be in live format or by recording the contents previously for later playback in different broadcast spaces such as the City Channel and social networks,” they said. Another activity proposes the decoration of the places of rehearsals and emblematic Corsicans of the City in February “to symbolize and visualize the Carnival”. And we also contemplate the realization of open radios, with interviews, stories of the neighborhood, the celebrations of the God Momo and music in the streets and squares. While in addition, the murgas raised the assembly of “traveling photographic samples” on the carnivals and the making of murals by the groups that wish.
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