translated from Spanish: Pfizer reiterates that 95% effectiveness of covid-19 vaccine is achieved after the second dose

The US laboratory Pfizer clarified that the effectiveness of 95% of its vaccine is reached seven days after the second dose was delivered, after Biobío Health seremi Hector Muñoz reported that a nurse who supplied the first inoculation tested positive for covid-19.
Pfizer stressed that “we cannot forget to keep the basic precautionary measures, because the virus will continue to circulate among us for several months. Science has also proven that it is essential at this stage to maintain physical distance and avoid crowds, wash hands frequently and wear masks.”
“We analyzed all post-vaccination reports, including anyone with a confirmed diagnosis of covid-19 infection or symptoms,” he added.
Finally, according to Emol, the pharmacist noted that “based on our Phase 3 safety and efficacy studies, the vaccine provides some protection against covid-19 within 10 days of the first dose and is substantially enhanced after the second dose, which supports the need for two doses.”
“It’s important to remember that people may have contracted the disease before or immediately after being vaccinated.”

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