translated from Spanish: A doctor gave up his job because of society’s “lack of conscience”

This Monday Dr. Marcelo Lemus, a worker at the San José hospital in Entre Ríos, released his own video while on guard where he announced his resignation from the nosocomio due to a lack of social awareness regarding the coronavirus pandemic.
“This is turning into a mess that’s going to end in chaos if people don’t understand that if we don’t take care of each other, mainly young people and teenagers, it’s going to end up in something much worse,” the doctor began.

Following, Lemus stressed that government restrictions “are not the problem,” but that the real conflict is the carefreeness of people to the pandemic.
“People keep getting together, they’re not aware of what’s going on, and health people are already tired. I’m one of many, and I’m not going to take any more risks for the unconscious and the irresponsible who don’t know this is serious and serious,” he said.
“A number of doctors, nurses, maids, health-related personnel have died for giving everything so that, now, they stop taking care of themselves at the worst time, plus the irresponsibility of national authorities, who do not know what to do with the pandemic, so you can’t work,” he said, adding that “he won’t be silent” or “complicit in this disaster.”

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