translated from Spanish: In Michoacán 70 percent of teachers are stressed about preparing online classes

Morelia, Michoacán.- Announcing that online classes will be maintained at the basic level, Education Secretary Hector Ayala Morales announced that 70 percent of teachers are stressed about preparing their classes online.
This is according to surveys of 72,000 people compared to online classes.
At Ayala Morales press conference, he missed an early return to face-to-face classes at the basic level, while in the upper and upper middle most online activities will be maintained, but there will be workshops or other classes that are required face-to-face, but with hygiene measures and compliance with protocols such as not lending their work tools , due to COVID-19 contagions recorded 2 in recent weeks with the entity.
Today 300,000 students return to classes after the winter vacation period and noted that 90 percent are doing classes online or using tools such as television, cell phone or work booklets.
At the last School Council meetings, teachers also noted that they are required to look for students to see the causes of not being in class, while some parents refuse to assume the role of teachers.
The survey also reflected that 48 percent of children surveyed claimed to have classes daily, while the remaining percentage has two or three times a week.
He asked the population about, especially those who have children at home, to support the children while they have their classes and hope that with the vaccination day one can talk about a possible return to school in the second half of the year.
He detailed that during January, teachers and school managers have participated in the School Technical Councils to develop a plan to strengthen apprenticeships, as well as that nearly 11,000 teachers have been trained on topics such as New School Coexistence and Health Protocol.
In addition, he reported that through the implementation of the Solidarity Education strategy, more than 3,000 low-income students have received a tablet to continue their studies from home.
Finally, Hector Ayala advanced that while the schools are closed, maintenance and improvement work will be carried out on buildings that guarantee hygiene conditions, once it is possible to return to face-to-face classes; in addition, they must have Participatory School Health Committees.

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