translated from Spanish: Is the IFE back? Government prepares a battery of measures in the face of a regrowthe

Faced with the number of cases of coronavirus increasing, and with the imminent fear of returning to phase 1 where restrictive measures are applied to the extreme. The government of Alberto Fernández analyses for these hours a series of emergency measures to assist different sectors, in the event that the regrowth requires greater restrictions especially in those related to the commercial and labor sector. For this reason, in dialogue with the middle La Nación, the Minister of Social Development, Daniel Arroyo, said that “the parameter to strengthen aid will be determined by the possible closure in areas such as textiles, construction, food production and the economy of care (of people)”, although he assured that at the moment it is only speculation. However, he clarified that there was no doubt that in the event of a regrowth, they would take back all necessary measures to calm the situation. As well as Daniel Menéndez, the undersecretary of Integration Policies, said that from the area of social development they are already prepared to face complex situations due to the experience left by 2020, and that for this reason they have a map and a certain universe of people who know that they will need help in the face of a newly extreme situation. For this reason, some measures have already begun from the Government, such as extra support for hotels already charged by the Ministry of Labour’s Repro (about $9000 per worker), which would be to bring that figure to about $20,000 so that employers can pay January salaries in a timely way. And while among the suggested measures, there was still no talk of the IFE, which helped 9 million informal and mono-attribute employees who received $10,000. The possibility of reactivating the IFE with some new payment during the coming year is not planned but will depend on the health situation throughout the year, so its use is not ruled out if necessary again held Arroyo. 

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