translated from Spanish: Beatriz Sánchez to be a candidate for the Constituent

This Monday, the Broad Front, Worthy Chile, Equality, representatives of social organizations (Social Unity, Community for Dignity, People’s Victory and Allendist Socialists, among others) and independents, presented in the Offices of servel the formal registration of “Apruebo Dignidad”, a pact with which they will meet to compete for the constituent seats. At the instance, THE DEPUTY and RD director, Catalina Pérez, noted that “this is undoubtedly the most important milestone of our generation.” We were born to fight for the dignity of our people and those who will come, so that never again in Chile do the privileges of some take rights from the majority. It has cost us dearly: Dozens of people killed, hundreds of eyes that were mutilated by state agents, and millions of people who left and still leave everything on the streets, keeping hope alive. Today, we continue to fight so that none of this is in vain,” she said. In addition, Pérez confirmed that Beatriz Sánchez will compete for a seat to integrate the Constitutional Convention, therefore ruling out a new presidential condidature. In this sense, the legislator indicated that Sanchez herself will announce tomorrow the district for which she will compete, during the official launch of her campaign. On the other hand, the President of Social Convergence, Alondra Arellano, stated that from her collective they are “very happy and happy to register this list, which seeks to include all those voices that over the last decade we have demanded a fairer country, with social rights that guarantee a decent life for all the people and ecosystems that inhabit it, where women are not excluded , the poor, the dissents and the indigenous peoples.” Meanwhile, Lorena Fries, Coordinator Unir Movement, stressed that they are “very satisfied and satisfied by the work done and for initiating this constituent route, with candidates to support what we are proposing at the local and regional level. Now begins the route to the transformations required by our country and which has required us to citizenship from October 18th. We hope to live up to that challenge.” In the same line, the President of Commons, Jorge Ramírez, argued that “we have managed to reach as broad an agreement as possible of forces of transformation, of change, but that they also have a very clear position on what needs to be done in the Constitutional Convention. Political organizations and parties need to understand that the constituent body, which the constituent assembly, belongs to the public.” Meanwhile, the President of the Common Force, Fernando Atria, referred to his experience on these issues, clarifying that he has been talking “decades about the need to end a Constitution, that what he does is prevent us from taking control of our own destiny. This new Constitution is about transferring power to where it has to be in a democracy: in the people.” The MEMBER and President of the PC, Guillermo Tellier, also referred to the agreement, explaining that what is in accordance with this pact “is a list that expresses a great diversity of women and men, prominent leaders of the social and trade union world, of the territories, neighborhood organizations, of the homeless; it is a list that ultimately represents Chilean society and is above all representative of the demands expressed in the social outburst and which seeks a new constitution and a new development model. A transformative and anti-neoliberal list, that’s why we are happy with what we are going to offer the people of Chile.”

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