translated from Spanish: Maule Regional Prosecutor’s Office rejects criticism of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army for accident indequation that ended with a Castrense official with his amputated legs

The Maule Regional Prosecutor’s Office issued a statement referring to the vehicle accident involving an Army official and a private vehicle, which occurred on Friday, January 8, in Curicó, a fact that ended with the Army official with his legs amputated and the driver formalized. This is due to criticism of the indegatory by the commander-in-chief of the Army, Ricardo Martínez.
After the accident, the Prosecutor of Curicó determined that the driver of the collided military jeep and the driver of the particular vehicle would have responsibility for the incident that left Corporal Brayan Castillo without legs. This decision was described by Martinez as «incomprehensible».
In the statement, the Maule Prosecutor’s Office stated that «the prosecutor on duty received, at the site of the event, a preliminary report from the Chilean Carabineros Transit Accident Investigator Subcommittee (SIAT) in which it was concluded that the driver of a civilian car and the military driver of the Army vehicle from which the victim descended, would have criminal responsibility for the accident. Against this background, the prosecutor decided to formalize the investigation against both people before the Curicó Guarantee Tribunal.»
«Prosecutors’ actions are based on objective backgrounds, the product of investigations carried out with the police. These investigations are always subject to scrutiny and scrutiny by the Courts of Justice and therefore beyond arbitrariness,» they add.
Finally, the Maule Prosecutor’s Office ensures that Martinez’s sayings are «unacceptable and entirely inappropriate», since «this results not only in an inadmissible meddling in the powers of exclusive competence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, but also denotes a deep disrecotion about the criminal procedural justice system, in respect of whose decisions there are a number of actions that those involved can take».

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