translated from Spanish: Today the deadline for registration of applications expires

This Monday, January 11, at 23:59 hours, the deadline for the registration of applications for the election of constituents, mayors, councillors and governors expires, to be made on April 11 next. The Servel will allow until 17:00 hours today the formalization of pacts in person in its premises. In addition, until 21:00 hours the documentation required for application declarations will be received. After this time and until 23:59, s may be submitted through the Servel Online Application Declaration System.Within up to 10 days after receiving the nominations (January 21), servel will notify candidates of the acceptance or rejection of their candidacy. Constituent Unit (DC, PR, PPD, PS, PRO and Citizens) together with the new deal leadership, made up of former Parliamentarians of the Broad Front, will register their electoral pact this day. ChileVamos (UDI, RN, Evópoli and PRI), along with the Republican Party, will also register their unique list on Monday. On the other hand, the Servel detailed that almost 290,000 people have sponsored candidacies, 278,000 for general conventionals and about 9,200 for constituents of indigenous peoples.

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