translated from Spanish: I don’t know will vaccinate non-priority covid-19 staff, authorities reiterate

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Morelia, Michoacán.- The undersecretary of health in Michoacán, Carlos Ramos Esquivel assured that on this first day of covid-19 vaccination the medical staff were given the doses to staff on the front line and battle against the disease and assured that there will be no «leak» for those who do not need it at the moment.
In a media meeting, the state official said it is the army that is coordinating vaccination and the state is carrying the thermos so that the doses are kept at the necessary temperature.
In the case of IMSS there are 1,681 workers who have already been immunized, including doctors, nurses, stretchers, personal food radiologists, and as for public hospitals in the state estimates that the number of staff to be vaccinated this morning is nearly double.
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She assured that the federation ensured that the vaccine in this first stage is guaranteed, and being guarded by the army, there is no chance that personnel will be vaccinated that she does not need at the moment.
He recalled that there was coordination between health services at the state and federal levels to also initiate vaccination to the general population in February, recalling that it would be staggered, i.e. between February and March they would be people over the age of 60, April and May 50, June and July 40 and from August for the general population.

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