translated from Spanish: Homeowner where the controversial party unfolded in Cachagua will be complaining against the tenant, Rally driver Samuel Israel

The owner of the house in Cachagua where two new year parties took place, Gabriel Biggs, broke the silence and announced complaints against the tenant of the venue, the rally driver, Samuel Israel, who was also denounced by the Government for violating the health standards as a product of the covid-19. That celebration left nearly 40 infected and more than 100 close contacts.
«I’m going to take legal action because I don’t want this to be repeated anymore, this has to serve as an example nationally and hopefully globally, what happened was too irresponsible, this can’t be forgiven and the only way to set an example is a very strong punishment,» Biggs said in an interview with 24 hours.
The homeowner recounted details of the party attended by about 200 people and feels that «they violated me and clearly the whole community.»
«In the contract with AirBnB they say that Mr. Samuel is going to have seven people, no more and that all the health rules of covid-19 would be respected. When all this very serious information comes to me, I immediately called the tenant who does not answer me and it is all exchange of messages. He assured me that there were never so many people and that there were two more parties, where the neighbors were probably confused with the noises,» Biggs said.
In addition to having wreckage, the person in charge of check-in and check-out stated that «there was so much vomit all over the house that three people had to come in to clean and sanitize the whole place.»

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