translated from Spanish: If you stayed with An Interjet ticket this you should do

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- If you were planning to travel with the airline Interjet, which at the moment has no flights and faces a strike by its collaborators for non-payment, this you can do to try to recover your money.

It is advisable to make the formal complaint in the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco), which you can do both virtually and in person.

In it you will be asked to present documents proving your consumption with the company, such as vouchers, mails or transfers and other documents proving that the service or product was not for which you paid. Read more: Volaris recovers quickly as competition seeks to stabilize

They will also ask you for a copy of your ID, the company’s company name and address, as well as a narrative of the facts you can bring in writing.
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At the time of making your complaint, you can also mention that you want to join the collective complaint against the airline.
To make your report from home, you can contact Profeco at the consumer’s phone: 55 5568-8722 and/or 800 468 8722.Online, it is through its Concilianet platform.O you can go directly to the Consumer Defense Offices (ODECO), which is located at 1830 Morelos Street, Colonia Ladrón de Guevara, Lafayette in Guadalajara.According to information from Profeco, being exclusive cancellations of the airline, this company obliged to cover compensation to the passenger, greater than 25 percent of the cost of the ticket, which must be paid by the company 10 calendar days after the passenger’s claim. The customer can also request a replacement transport from the airline, if they have flights available. Read more: With legal recourse, Seek Interjet to declare the smell of its workers non-existent, the company is obliged to change your flight date as you see fit, to the same destination, and if you have used a part of the trip, i.e. in the purchase of return flights, pay you at least one quarter of the cost of the ticket.

Original source in Spanish

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