translated from Spanish: Meet the World’s Narrowest House in Uruapan

Michoacán. – The purépecha plateau has many tourist attractions, cultural, traditional, ethnic, among others, however, Michoacán also has an unconventional appeal and is that in the municipality of Uruapan, is La Casa Más Angosta del Mundo, which has become an eye-catching for visitors to the cradle of avocado. The Angosta del Mundo House is located in Felipe Carrillo Puerto #50-C street, in the neighborhood of San Juan Bautista, within the municipality of Uruapan, in the state of Michoacán, in addition to being known for being narrow, the house also has multiple colors that make it an eye-catching home.
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This house actually bears the title of the narrowest in the world and although the house has four floors high, the house is very narrow, with the measurements of 1.40 meters in front by 7.70 meters long, which makes it a miniature house.
This small but striking feature has led him to win the Guinness Record by being a diminutive home compared to the average houses of the entity and others, which recognizes it as The Narrowest House in the World. Due to its peculiar size, only one person can enter at a time, and its inhabitants had to coordinate to occupy one of the spaces within it. Read more: Niamey’s eclectic National Museum, Niger’s «mirror»In some of the photos circulating on social media, you can see that the size of the house is too narrow and that you should be careful being inside it because everything is very close, however, apparently it was well distributed, has a room, kitchen, laundry room, even in some hallways you can see long chairs for someone to sit. It is highlighted that the house was built in 1985, this under the instructions of Jorge Melgoz, who owns the house. Although the house is not inhabited, it became a Museum that is open to people who are interested in living this experience. The page of Michoacán Travel recognizes this site, The Narrowest House in the World as one of the historical and traditional places to visit when walking around Uruapan, and that is that with that recognition is a must stop.

Meet the World’s Narrowest House located in Michoacán

It should be mentioned that if you are one of the curious people who wants to visit this site and live the experience of entering La Casa más Angosta, you need to make an appointment for you to visit through the number 452 158 0396 or 425 245 0100 which is available on the page of Michoacán travel. Read more: Tai chi enters unesco’s World Heritage list»This house has been the wonder of its own and strangers: four floors and 1.40 meters in front! The World’s Narrowest House, Uruapan #Michoacán #CelebraLaVida,» shared Michoacán Travel’s page through its official accounts.

Original source in Spanish

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