translated from Spanish: Osvaldo Laport talked about the ACV that Soledad Silveyra suffered

Osvaldo Laport and Soledad Silveyra were the hot couple of several novels starring together an insurmountable duo, that’s how in addition to colleagues they became friends and a little family. 

That’s why news of the actress’ bad health moment in recent days when she suffered an ACV kept him on alert and in touch. «Solita wasn’t one more in my career. I just sent him a little message. She’s a friend, I take the opportunity to send her a hug, although I’m in touch with her. It’s patchy. But it’s all right, thank God. It was a fright that she had,» the actor recounted in an interview with Metro Live.And although the actress took care of bringing peace of mind to her audience and thanked her for the countless displays of affection she received, she took a big scare and must among other things quit smoking. 
«This is barbaric Solita. It was a family concern to hear the news. We have a family bond with my family and her family. What’s more, my daughter says Solita is the mom of fiction, she said. «She was already well, recovered and had to be in her hospital for five days but she’s already at home and she’s fine,» she said. Even the actor referred to his intentions to return to work with Solita. «I just reminded him that I sent him a WhatsApp script of an exquisite playwright to read and get excited to play together again on stage or behind the scenes,» Osvaldo Laport said, about Soledad Silveyra’s health.

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