translated from Spanish: Deputy Jorge Durán calls for MRI to go to quarantine, suspend holiday permit and advance curfew

Faced with the state of progress of the pandemic in Chile, the deputy of Renovación Nacional (RN), Jorge Durán, called on the Government to decree as soon as possible the total quarantine in the Metropolitan Region during this time, and even suspend the holiday permit and advance curfew.
«While it sounds drastic and extremist, we need to quarantine the entire Metropolitan Region until indicators improve, even in some regions of the country that are in the same situations. We cannot wait for ICU beds and mechanical fans to be on the brink of collapse or overwhelmed so that the authorities make stricter decisions such as total confinement,» explained Durán, who is part of the Health Commission.
In addition, the parliamentarian requested that summer permits be cancelled throughout the national territory. «This measure will unfortunately lead to more deaths by compatriots and the atochation of the health network of hospitals and clinics in towns and spas that are the usual destinations at this time,» the official representative said.
The congressman also called for consideration of advancing curfew to limit people’s freedom of transit, greater street control, and improving the communication campaign on covid-19 care.
«The curfew should begin at 20 o’clock, in order to reduce people’s mobility, and thus avoid possible crowds at social gatherings or clandestine or private parties that are unfortunately happening across the country. Also, the authorities must have more people monitoring on the streets (Carabineros, municipal inspectors, POIs, army, among others), and that these controls are not random, but are massive to the entire population,» Durán emphasized.
It also indicated that border closure should be assessed. «Many countries like England are closing their borders against the new variants of covid-19, so Chile should consider that possibility over these strains, which in the case of the British version is more contagious than the current one,» the legislator said.

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