translated from Spanish: Holiday permit: Daza said it will continue despite 36% increase in cases in the last week

This day, undersecretary of public health Paula Daza said that the holiday permit would be removed or restricted following an increase in Covid-19 cases in the country. Faced with the figures given by the Minsal of the last 24 hours, the authority noted that «at this minute the permit we will keep it because it is a health measure and is a health measure not only of covid, but also of mental health». He further stated that «we want to remember that we have a Step by Step plan that does not allow communes that are in a more critical situation from the point of view of incidence, the number of cases, of positivity, those communes that are quarantined, cannot be moved from the quarantined communes and also to the quarantined communes».this is a measure that we have taken because we know that after ten months of pandemic people were equally to probably come out, they were going to take some measures that didn’t allow us to control. This not only allows us to track the transfer of people, but also allows us to educate and we are strengthening in a very important way in those communes where we know that there is a significant increase in transfer, mobility, we are talking about the Valparaiso Region, the Coquimbo Region and the Region of La Araucanía. Obviously these mitigation measures that we are implementing in each of the regions will continue to strengthen them,» he added. Daza also stressed that «not only do we have health situations from covid’s point of view, we have other health situations that are having an impact from the pandemic that are as important as the pandemic.» We’re talking about obesity, we’re talking about chronic diseases, and we’re talking about mental health. Therefore, this measure that gives more freedoms, but with mitigation measures, will allow people to somehow recreate the same during these months, especially those who have been quarantined for so many months,» he said.

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