translated from Spanish: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: «We can’t think that because the vaccine arrives we can relax»

Appealing to «individual responsibility», Horacio Rodríguez Larreta confirmed the regrowth of cases in the city, by presenting a new testing center at the River Plate club stadium in the Porteño neighborhood of Nuñez, along with Vice-Chief Diego Santilli and the president of the institution, Rodolfo D’Onofrio.» We are aware that there is a regrowthe in the City and in the world, so it is so important that we take care of ourselves today more than ever. It is the best way to deal with this situation,» Rodríguez Larreta said.

In this regard, the Porteño representative said that the City has four pillars: «Firstly the strengthening of the health system, where we have 1950 beds of which 450 are intensive therapy, and we resume the strategy of isolation in hotels, with 9 in operation, but we also add 4600 people to work to the health system and we are adding more to increase testing and vaccination plan.» The second pillar is our strategy of detecting, tracking, tracking and isolating narrow contacts, so we have deployed 29 points like this, where people can be tested and in the case of being close contact we ask for isolation of 10 days, but we also follow up house by house, we will look for it and isolating it,» he continued. As for the third pillar, the PRO benchmark considered it to be vaccination, which has already started but is a time-taking process.» We can’t think that because the vaccine arrives we can relax, we have deployed the entire operation with 250 points in the City to vaccinate with 1200 people trained to do so,» he said. The fourth pillar, and most importantly, is what we call social behavior, the individual responsibility of each one, in that the level of fulfillment the year was very good, that is why I ask that we do not relax,» completed the Porteño official. By way of closure, Rodríguez Larreta once asked «to comply with the guidelines of care, if we are going to meet that it is outdoors and no more than 10 people».
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