translated from Spanish: Minister Paris said that “we are facing a regrowthe” and warned of the possibility that the MRI may have to retreat to quarantine

This day the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, spoke with the radio El Conquistador where he addressed Chile’s current situation regarding the pandemic where he did not rule out the possibility that “we have to go back” to quarantine in the Metropolitan Region, the Secretary of State stated that “unfortunately we are facing a regrowthe and there are already several regional capitals in Quarantine. And if we see a similar situation in the Metropolitan Region we have to take care of people’s health and we have to go back.” We are in a delicate situation and if we continue with this increase in cases that have been verified in the southern and northern regions, we will have a difficult situation for which we are preparing,” he added. Paris also addressed the concern that exists with hospitals and health centres where she said that “it should be emphasized that the most important thing is prevention and prevent patients from becomes hospitalized, but if that happens, have everything implemented for their care.” Currently, the average age of contagion is 39, but a young person can spread it to someone with chronic illness or older people. Risky behaviors must be avoided and we all have to work together,” he said.

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