translated from Spanish: Paris about demonstrations on the front of her home: «They act just like that Trump-ateed mob that entered the Capitol»

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, accused himself of being attacked at his home on Wednesday night by people who were cycling. During covid-19’s data report, the secretary of state addressed this situation and said that «if you want to go protest, go talk to me at the Ministry.» A significant number of cyclists shouting wrongdoing, insolence and insults in a country where democracy exists and where all people can manifest themselves, but with regard, calmly and by maintaining dialogue,» he said. He also recounted that «it not only affected my family, but all the residents of the building and the nearby buildings.» They scratched with insults, dwarf… I don’t know how much, Minister C…. finished with O… resignation CTM… I find it the end of it because this unfortunately gives a glimpse of a very small part of the population, which acts just like the Nazis when they did the famous night of the long knives, who act just like that mob mentioned by President Trump who entered the Capitol, without respecting anything,» Paris said. , I have the right to rest, to have my privacy in my home and also affected many other families living right there.»

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