translated from Spanish: Silvina Squire separated from her boyfriend Federico after four years

The news was confirmed by Nicolás Peralta, on Veronica Lozano’s program, “Cortá por Lozano” this afternoon. As an enigmatic he began by giving some clues and then confirming that he was talking about Silvina Escudero, who had a relationship for four years with Federico, and whom he preserved from the media throughout the courtship. 

“The celebrity who broke up, who no longer lives with her boyfriend after 4 years of relationship that ends today and has an end point, is Silvina Escudero,” the journalist said. They had a crisis in quarantine, were separated (even sharing the same house) and spent a month sleeping in separate rooms. They tried to go back, came back and then realized there was no turning back,” he added to the information. He closed: “I can tell you exactly that three months ago he left the house. It was with great love, there are no third parties in discord and they keep the good vibe.” Days earlier, a follower had already talked about this issue in the nets and Squire did not deny it: “Goddess, you finally parted. I love you very much and I send you a million hugs. To keep shining like every day of your life. You know you’re perfect,” was the words of affection of a Twitter fan. To which the dancer replied: “Amooooor, lindaaaaaa”.

Goddess finally split up
I love you very much and I send you a million hugs, to keep shiningoo as every day of your life you know you’re perfect — ESCUDERIA ♡♡ (@MARIAA_164)
January 12, 2021

Original source in Spanish

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