translated from Spanish: Turk Garcia suffered an accident aboard a UTB and will be operated

Claudio «El Turco» García suffered an accident aboard a UTB, a kind of great quadredus, when he walked among the Médanos on his holiday in Mar del Plata. 

This was reported by journalist Rodrigo Lussich in his section of Los Escandalones para Intrusos (América TV), where he told that it must be operated on in the coming hours.  «The Turk Garcia crashed in Mar del Plata aboard a UTB, a large quad bike, one that is with a car steering wheel, it’s a small buggy, it’s more like a car, but it has the capabilities to walk among the medanos, the arena,» he said when he announced the news.» The accident he starred in may have been much more serious, but well, he has an exposed fracture in his arm that took him to the operating room in the next few hours,» he added that apparently the vehicle was «stable» and had a «roof.» «Between tomorrow and Saturday he will be operated on at the Pueyrredon Clinic in Mar del Plata,» he confirmed.

The Turk will be intervened between 24 and 48 in the aforementioned clinic, one of the important testing centers of the seaside town, coincidentally when telefé studios will discuss whether Claudia Villafañe or Analía Franchín will be the big winner of MasterChef Celebrity, a reality show in which the former footballer participated. «It has to be operated in the middle of a complicated, difficult time,» journalist Adrián Pallares said.

Through his Instagram stories, the Turk brought peace of mind to his followers: he was blessed and clarifying what happened. «I had an accident with a quad, I’m fine, tomorrow I’m going to have surgery at 17 hours at the Pueyrredón clinic. Thanks for worrying,» he said.

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