translated from Spanish: Alohar, a new platform for temporary accommodation in pesos

Despite the reality imposed by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the Atlantic Coast remains the most chosen destination for Argentines to spend their holidays, while many also opted for alternative tourism of houses or fifths with large spaces to enjoy outdoors. In this context, three entrepreneurs from Mar del Plata decided to launch Alohar, a digital temporary accommodation platform that seeks to boost local tourism in Argentina. Unlike other platforms in the tourism market, this new proposal allows payments to be in pesos and without the scope of the PAIS tax or additional perceptions.” When it comes to vacationing, obviously the tourist wants to make his money pay as much as possible. And that’s where we notice the great lack of the tourist market: foreign temporary accommodation search platforms operate in dollars and add country tax and perception. After such a complex year, the Argentine cannot afford these costs and stopped seeing on these platforms an attractive option. From that reality we saw the opportunity to develop”, explains Fernando Unzué, CEO and co-founder of the platform together with Juan Ignacio Collar López and Emiliano Suazo.

Fernando Unzué, Juan Ignacio Collar López and Emiliano Suazo, the creators of Alohar

Alohar is now available for the summer season in different points of the province of Buenos Aires, such as Mar del Plata, Villa Gesell, Pinamar, Partido de la Costa, Sierra de la Ventana, Tandil and Bahía Blanca, among others. Those who wish to be hosts (owners or hosts) or be accommodated (guests, travelers and/or visitors) simply have to enter Signing up is free and, in a few steps, you can join the community. How Alohar works

Digital Pataform: Alohar generates a community of supply and demand. Through the platform, the hosts offer their properties to guests. The operation is carried out entirely digitally in choice of site, payment and evaluation of experience.
Security: To ensure a safe, favorable and unsurned stay, Alohar has a system that prevents fraud by issuing payment to the owner of the space after 24 hours of the guest’s check-in.
In pesos: unlike other platforms in the tourist market, payments in Alohar are in pesos and without the scope of the PAIS tax or additional perceptions.

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