translated from Spanish: Morelia citizens face shortage of oxygen tanks

Morelia.- Citizens of Morelia face shortages of oxygen tanks for the sick, so just as when gasoline is lacking in the country, long lines are seen in gas-supplying companies.
Some require filling their tanks and others to buy new ones.
Companies do not deal with the situation, but resellers or abuses have also come out, as they are not only required for COVID-19 patients, but to care for other patients.
In addition to this, the costs of oxygen tanks and concentrators have been triggered by demand. While a tank can cost approximately 4,800 to 6,000 Mexican pesos, the cost of a concentrator can reach up to 35,000 pesos.
According to a query made to online sales sites, the cost can increase if these inputs are added devices such as an oximeter and an inspirometer and even several pages were reported to see the arrangement of oxygen and tanks, as the supply is insufficient and there are waiting lists.
A 682-litre oxygen tank with oximeter and integrated breathometer can cost around 6 thousand 800 pesos; while a five-liter oxygen concentrator with an oximeter is around 36 thousand 400 pesos.
Also on the internet you can see various recipes to address the discomfort of the sick.

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