translated from Spanish: «Prioritize sports equity»: Coquimbo Unido calls on ANFP to suspend match against Curicó

Coquimbo Unido requested the ANFP to suspend the match against Curicó Unido, to be made on Wednesday, as part of the 31st date of the National Championship. The «pirate» frame was unable to train in advance due to a delay in quarantine uprising, after taking PCR exams after his trip to Argentina to face Defense and Justice.
«In order to comply with the regulations of the National Championship, once the international match played on Saturday, January 16, we raised our heads and strived to travel immediately to Santiago, by 5:00 am on Sunday 17th of the same month, through Clinica MEDS, to take the PCR exams to the entire delegation with the aim of training on Monday 18th day of the same month» Coquimbo United notes in a statement.
In the statement, the campus claims that on Monday, at 11:42 a.m., they received the negative results of the PCR tests so that the ANFP could manage the increase in its quarantine. However, the results took time to arrive, making them unable to train today.
«There are no fair sporting conditions in the face of the next match against Curicó Unido, as they require us to play without training, or eventually, only training the day before the match,» they continue in the statement.
«We will ask the ANFP to prioritize reason and sporting equity and suspend this Wednesday’s match on 20 January, waiting this time if we can have a good reception,» they conclude.
For the time being, and already free quarantine to the «pirate» box, the match will be played.

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