translated from Spanish: CAM call for condemning the «presence of drug trafficking in Mapuche communities»

Coordinator Arauco Malleco and other «communities in resistance», such as the «Lof Temulemu Traiguén, Lof Pidenco Lumaco, Lof Yeupeko Vilcun, Temulemu Chico Community, Llollowenko Community», made an angry call to condemn «any presence of drug trafficking in Mapuche communities».
Through a public statement, the organization repudiates the «massive, clumsy and unscrupulous operation of Chilean police» in the Community of Temucuicui, which left an Investigation Police Officer (POI) deceased.
This operation, according to the CAM, occurs «when the advancement of the territorial autonomist struggle shakes the interests of the great entrepreneur, the Chilean state again assumes the doctrine of national security, clearly defining as the internal enemy to the Mapuche Nation People».
«We are facing a new political intelligence operation that aims to open a different scenario in the Wallmapu, characterized, in power, by artificially imposing the reality of drug trafficking. Thus, on the one hand, we try to show part of the Mapuche movement as a corrupt and deviant expression (…) and, on the other hand, that seeks to deepen a media campaign to justify the effectiveness of the State with regard to the dismantling of criminal networks (…) pretending at all costs to drive our just struggle, sustaining the coercive step towards those of us who fight for the recovery and defense of the territory» Argue.
«However, just as we condemn the state’s repressive actions against communities in resistance, we also want to make it very clear that we will not accept any kind of deviation from our path of struggle,» the brief warns.
«We see with concern the presence and influence of agents outside communities trying to introduce drugs and bad practices, mainly with our weche, in order to transform them into consumers or gangs dedicated to trafficking,» they add.
«We have already made an urgent and necessary call to condemn any presence of drug trafficking in mapuche communities, making it clear that with this scourge; that already plagues non-Mapuche in the popular sectors, the conditions are created for this cursed system to destroy our social, political and cultural matrix. We call on the other Mapuche organizations and communities to make ourselves self-criticism (…) to make a categorical delintion in the face of this cruel and sad reality that can strike us from within, especially with the effects generated by the presence and use of drugs in our territories,» they explain.
«This must be a strong and clear condemnation against any expression of trafficking and consumption (…) Understanding that this system and its legal, military and institutional order is intended to physically and politically exterminate our people in any way, do not climb into introducing all the evils that are at their disposal,» they add.
«To deal with this scourge is also to deal with the winka submission system and all its expressions that have unstructured our reality,» the statement closes.

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