translated from Spanish: Closes Brunette ranks in Ahome for the unit

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- Despite the controversies and perhaps the wrongdoings that have taken in the time that takes the Fourth Transformation it is necessary to work on achieving the unity not only of the one who wields in Morena, but of the citizens in general, recognized Lucio Tarín, Angelina Valenzuela and Luis Rivera, who on the morning of this Monday held a meeting in which they agreed , in one subject, continue to work in Ahome for andrés Manuel López Obrador’s project. Interviewed about his aspirations, Lucio Tarín openly accepted his intention to contend for the mayor of Ahome; however, he said that if the statutes did not favor him, he would also work with whoever benefited, speaking specifically if it was Valenzuela Benites, who to date had not accepted his interest in seeking to participate in the June election.
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Meanwhile, Luis Rivera, an aspiring candidate for federal de provincial council for District 02, emphasized that it is necessary to seek to change perception, but above all to prevent bad governments from coming.

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