translated from Spanish: Patricia Bullrich: «Teacher who doesn’t go, will have to be replaced»

PRO holder Patricia Bullrich pointed out against teaching unions, which at this hour question the return of face-to-face classes, and stated that «Argentina cannot lose two years of education». «You can’t say that until teachers are vaccinated there’s not going to be classes,» he said.

In television statements, the former Security Minister assured that education sector guilds «have been the biggest step for the advancement of education» in our country and made them responsible for the «stagnation and destruction» situation of education.
«Doctors and policemen worked without a vaccine, the only ones who have to work with a vaccine are the teachers»

«Argentine society has to end these obstructionist unions once and for all. We can’t keep living together. Let’s declare to education essential service – Together for Change he presented a bill in the Senate – and teacher who does not go, unless he has a physical condition that he cannot go through, will have to be replaced,» he said, and raised, «Let’s be drastic, because Argentina cannot lose two years of education.»

In recent days, President Alberto Fernández confirmed that classes will begin in March because the government plans «for all teachers to receive the vaccine with security personnel, because it is essential that they are protected from contagion.» However, for Bullrich, these statements only create more contradictions. «We can’t say that until teachers are vaccinated, there are not going to be classes. Police, doctors and collective drivers worked without a vaccine. The only ones who have to work with vaccines are the teachers? How many of them should be saying today ‘I want to work because I want the kids to learn’?» he said.

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