translated from Spanish: Gabriel Ruiz Díaz, bassist of Catupecu Machu, died at the age of 45

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Mexico. – Today Saturday 23rd, Gabriel Ruiz Díaz, bassist and co-founder of Catupecu Machu, lost his life at the age of 45. The news was confirmed by his brother, Fernando, vocalist of the band, via an Instagram message.
«Love, Gabi’s gone today. He left quietly, in peace,» the musician began to report. «Gabi the friend, the brother, the bassist, the artist, the scientist, the musician, the son. A music animal. A loving, generous, good being. Bright. And above all, a warrior, a warrior who always gave everything and a little more.»
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«Thank you, my brother for everything. You left today on the day of the Argentine Musician. One day, in an interview, he was asked which album he liked most in the history of our beloved Argentine rock, and Gabi said, ‘Artaud, by Luis Alberto Spinetta’. Surely he must be waiting for you to do what you loved most in your wonderful and incredible life with your four magic strings. Bass and music. Fly high, as you always did, my brother. Everybody’s brother. Thank you for what you gave and gave us. That you are well wherever you are, that surely it will be that place where time does not run, where nothing is called, where you are simply,» his brother fired him.
Source The Nation.

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