translated from Spanish: Comuneros blocked Toluca exit for security issues

Zitácuaro, Michoacán.- Residents of the holdings of Crescencio Morales, Donaciano Ojeda and Francisco Serrato armed with machetes and sticks, blocked several points from the roads of the exit to Toluca.
The blockades were both on the highway, and on the free road, at the height of Macho de Agua.
It was the morning of this Monday that the mobilization of just over 100 people, mostly men, began.
The antecedent of this demonstration came last week when the Municipal City Council of Zitácuaro, through a newsletter announced the imminent agreement with inhabitants of the upper part of the municipality to solve problems related to the issue of security and justice.
As a result of this meeting, a minutes of several points were formed, including the possibility of creating a Community police.
It went on to say that this document was not signed by the comuneros, as it would be until tomorrow Tuesday when there would be a second meeting of dialogue, in the community of La Soledad.
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One of the conditions for this second meeting was that the Regional Prosecutor should first come with the comuneros to hold another meeting, however he never arrived.
Faced with this situation was that the comuneros were unhappy, which detonated in the breaking of dialogue with the authorities and that they decided to block the roads.
During the blockade, none of the comuneros agreed to provide any statement on this matter, and refused to present any official who wanted to act as an intermediary, requested the presence of the Governor of the State himself, Silvano Aureoles Conejo.
Protesters intend to resist the blockade until authorities at all three levels of government respond to their demands.

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