translated from Spanish: Cordoba: Ivana Módica remains missing and her partner was detained

The search continues for Ivana Mariela Módica, the woman who disappeared last Thursday in the vicinity of the city of La Flada, province of Córdoba. For the fact, her partner, Javier Carlos Galván, was arrested, which Módica had denounced for gender-based violence.

The decision to arrest was made by Villa Carlos Paz’s case prosecutor Jorgelina Gómez after galván fell into contradictions in her statements regarding her original statement.

Ivana Módica disappeared last Thursday night

According to local media, the 44-year-old Air Force pilot was charged with the offences of «false qualified testimony and hindering the investigation.» In turn, police personnel began a new search in another sector of the city of La Falda in order to find the whereabouts of the 47-year-old woman. The contradictions in his statement revolve around inconsistencies in the schedules at which he used his vehicle. In addition, a city security camera captured a car compatible with his by taking several tours until 1:00 on Friday, when he had stated that at that time he was somewhere else.

Demonstration in Cordoba demanding the living appearance of Ivana / Source: La Voz

On Sunday afternoon there was a demonstration of more than 300 in the center of La Falda to demand the lively appearance of Ivana. «Please help us find her. There’s nothing, no sign there’s nothing. Neighbors and those who can give information are our only hope,» Nicole, Ivana’s daughter, called on the local media. Ivana Mariela Módica disappeared in the town of La Falda and the last sign of her was a communication she had with her daughter on the phone on Thursday, around 23. The report of her disappearance was made by her partner on Friday afternoon, who hypothesized that Ivana had gone for a walk to Cerro La Banderita de La Falda.

Javier Galván, pilot of the area force and couple of Ivana. He was arrested for inconsistencies in his statement

Thanks to this data, the first searches were carried out in this sector both by heaven and by land. However, following inconsistencies in Galván’s statements, this Monday afternoon the search was moved to the opposite side of the city, in the area of the spa Siete Cascadas.Those who have information about their whereabouts should contact the telephone of Tribunales de Cosquín, 03541-454985 (internal 56261), or the line of the Judicial Unit of La Falda (03548-422834).

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