translated from Spanish: International Children’s Cancer Day: 80% of children are cured

Within the framework of international children’s cancer day, which since 2001 has been celebrated in more than 90 countries with the aim of raising awareness of this pathology by emphasizing the «importance and need for rapid access to adequate diagnosis and treatment», Garrahan assured that «survival» in the paediatric population «is high» and that early detection is essential.» Childhood cancer is a disease that is fortunately rare and curable. It is cured in most cases, taken care of in a timely manner, about 70 or 80 percent,» said Pedro Zubizarreta, head of the Hematology and Oncology service at the pediatric hospital. About 1300 cases of cancer are detected annually in girls and boys, of which 80% are treated in public hospitals, about 40% in the Garrahan, located in the porteño neighborhood of Parque Patricios.The most common type of cancer in the paediatric population is leukemia, which affects 36% of all cases, secondly, brain tumors and solid tumors are found. Children, compared to adults, have a higher tolerance to aggressive treatments and better recoverability.» In order to achieve these numbers, the arrival in a timely manner of timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment that is equal and quality for all cases is essential,» Zubizarreta said. With this in mind, we are going to achieve the main goal which is quality and equal care for all children with cancer in Argentina,» the specialist added. The Garrahan is an international reference health center, and borders in, articulates with hospitals in different provinces through its Telehealth program (Network of Distance Communication Offices), with more than 400 offices throughout the country, from which it conducts second opinion telequeries for the treatment, reference and counterreference of cancer patients.» We are always very grateful to the Garrahan for supporting the creation of our service in 2005. When I came to Catamarca I was joined by authorities and we always had a very important network job. The exchange of opinions and trainings is permanent and the interconsultes allow us to find more accurate diagnoses for all the children who are cared for with us,» said María Soledad Vides, head of hematoncology at eva Perón Interzonal Children’s Hospital in that noA province. For his part, Luz Cosentini, of the Hemato-Oncology unit of the Héctor Quintana Hospital in Jujuy, noted: «We use the network a lot to define complex patients, indicate treatments and referrals that we perform many since we do not have radiation therapy in our hospital».

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