translated from Spanish: Isis Carreño again won in Men category in National Moto Speed

A new triumph was achieved by the rider Isis Carreño (Team GP3 Pasama) after winning on the second date of the National Speed Motorcycling Championship in the Super Experts category – along with men – to enter the rankings with a total of 51 points and just two months from traveling to Italy to compete in the Women’s European Cup 2021.La 21-year-old rider tournament departed from third place on the grid , whose pole position was for Colombia’s Yederson Marín, who remained at the tip only one turn, as at the end of the second round Isis took over the lead until crossing the finish line with a 21-minute clock 34 seconds 886 thousandths for the 10 turns to the 4,100-meter circuit of Codegua International Autodrome.» It was a very tiring race because of the heat on the circuit and also because I had to add weight to the bike because I am lighter than my rivals. That’s why I struggled to settle in the first few meters until I got the safe pace that gave me confidence to accelerate and finally win,» said the athlete who lives in Viña del Mar and studied in Valparaiso engineering in construction. Isis Carreño (Kawasaki) had only fuse rivals in the first three laps of the total of 10 when he had behind Colombia’s Marín (Kawasaki) and Frank Carreño (Kawasaki). However, already in the middle of the race he distanced he from his opponents until gaining a safe advantage of four and a half seconds, leaving it to be the fastest rider in the Super Expert series for men and women with bikes up to 400cc. At the finish line she was escorted by Frank Carreno to 4″535 and Yederson Marín at 4″583″. The winners of the other categories were: Omar Espinoza (SBK Experts), Edgard Núñez (SBK Amateurs), Víctor Gallardo (SBK B), Juan Catalán (SBK C), Mauro Rubio (GP1), Sergio Meneses (GP2), Mauro Rubio (GP3 Experts) and Marcelo Arce (Promotional SBK). The third date of the National Speed Motorcycling Championship will be held on March 27 and 28 in the same codegua scenario. Meanwhile, Isis’ debut in Europe will be on April 17 and 18 in Scarperia, Mugello, Italy.

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