translated from Spanish: Find the heart hidden in the picture

For this morning we present to you the new viral challenge that has been a headache among internet users Can you find the little hidden heart? Hungarian artist Gegerly Dudás, better known as Dudolf, shared the new viral challenge this morning with the aim of putting your mind to work.
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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, viral challenges have been a great success among people who are quarantined, as they keep their minds active by solving riddles, however, it also remembers performing physical activities from home to have a healthy body.

The goal of the challenge is simple, try to locate the hidden heart in less than 10 seconds, this time we will test your observation skills.

Find the hidden little heart / Photo: Facebook

Read more: Woman wants 100 children before the age of 30, to her 23 she already has 11 childrenRequered that if you find it too difficult a challenge, in the end we will give you the solution, so we invite you to share the viral challenge with a friend or family member to make it more entertaining. Before you gave you the solution Did you know that the heart symbol has that shape as it represents the leaf of a plant? the silphium plant was used as a contraceptive, so historians believe it relates to love and sexuality.

If you got here, it means you gave up but don’t feel bad, we’ll give you the solution and recommend you keep an eye on upcoming viral challenges to keep training your skills.

Solution / Photo: Facebook

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Original source in Spanish

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