translated from Spanish: Montillo: “Clubs treat us like a piece of furniture, sell you a lot or leave you lying when you don’t serve them”

Walter Montillo: “the clubs treat us like a piece of furniture, sell you a lot or leave you lying when you don’t serve them”, The blue reference also noted that “everything was fine in my renovation, until the arrival of Rafael Dudamel” and that of the leaders “with the only one who would have a coffee is with Sergio Vargas” among other powerful statements. In an exclusive interview given to Futuro Fútbol Club, from Radio Futuro, Walter Montillo, he spoke with Claudio “Bichi” Borghi, Claudio Palma and Dante Poli, giving more details about what happened regarding the negotiation of his contract with Azul Azul, and why he eventually left professional football. The midfielder, now retired, indicated that “At Universidad de Chile and other Chilean football teams they measure you a lot by age and not by what you do on the court. You’re like a yoghurt with an expiration date. Because if you’re a professional, with all the new things out there now, you’re better at injuries and nutrition issues. So in the U it’s better not to point the finger at the older ones, because they are the ones that lead the youngest.” He added, “If you tell me the U has $25 million of renown, it’s perfect. But the U is going through a difficult economic issue, but if three four big players played every game and we played so well I don’t get it (…) I don’t think the changes are that drastic. Last year they left 13 and we got 4. “Larri” scored 14 goals, so you have to be careful with the decisions that are made.” Regarding Neymar Jr’s words, he said: “I’ve been valued more outside than at the club I wanted to be in. The steering either never wanted me to come or it was a stone in the shoe. Why with me? If I didn’t really ask him to charge much or anything, then everything leaves me alone for the decisions that I don’t accept but you have to take them where they come from.” He also noted that “I believe that my return to the U comes by Hernán Caputto. He played his ass for me to come back and they put a lot of “buts” on me. What struck me the most is that I didn’t ask them to renew and until Raphael’s arrival. I don’t know who lowered his finger, but the coach didn’t want him to go on or he doesn’t like the older ones or he would have done a lot more. It was my turn to listen a lot more, and I banned them to this day. That my GPS wasn’t to play the ’90s, I even had to train with the third team.” In that sense, he added that “In the last few games we played the biggest and 52 points I played 48, but the decisions are together. The cutest thing for the player is for someone at the club to tell you directly what it is and why, in my case, nobody told me anything about my retirement. When I said I was leaving, I fixed a lot of things for the people inside, and my teammates didn’t have to eat the fan demonstrations. But who the decision came from, I’m not sure who it was.” Regarding the technology in football, Montillo added that “GPS gives you a lot of numbers, if the 20 kilometers that mark you running and were not effective are useless. I’m telling you that on the player’s side, as a coach I have no idea. I always played the same and looked for the spaces so I could damage. Some understood more about the way I played others.” And recalling the performance of his last season indicates that “How good we were able to consume it with the result. Thinking about the weighted one or the tiebreaker. We have complied with what was asked at the beginning of the year, of 40 points we made 52 then we have to settle for that.” On his longings, the blue reference indicated that “My dream was to end up in the U and things were for something. We put the U into Liberators so I leave with the peace of mind that I did everything I could. My idea is to stay in football and stick with the guys who are better people. Create a small business, so it’s to go with them and be able to treat them the way they deserve. My idea is to be able to prepare them so that they don’t just depend on football, because clubs treat us like a piece of furniture if they sell you a lot or leave you lying when you don’t serve them.” And about the leaders he noted that: “The only one who would sit down for coffee is sergio Vargas. I think he was the only one who didn’t go out and talk to the press and respect me. I got mad at him because he didn’t defend me. But they were afraid I’d throw shit in, and if I ask you, I want to have coffee with Heller, to find out why he never loved me. Then Sergio would get a coffee, but with the others I have nothing to talk to.”

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