translated from Spanish: They call on Civil Society to join mexiquense constitution reform

The Political Constitution of the State of Mexico is in the process of renewal and is not a minor process, as it is a reform that will impact almost 18 million Mexicans, since it is the most populous entity in the country but that has about a quarter of a century without any in-depth modification in its constitution.
The process of finally designing this reform envisages receiving proposals not only from legislators, but from civil society organizations since the commission responsible for drawing up the reform proposal has opted for an open parliament format in which citizen participation is essential.
Because the promoters of this process seek to have the reform passed before the change of local legislature, by the end of this year, the times to finale the text that will be submitted to the Mexican Congress begin to shorten them. 

That is why the call for members of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), National Political Groups (APNs) with presence in the State, educational institutions, business chambers, trade unions, religious associations and inhabitants of the entity who want to participate in the work of the open parliament that will be carried out for the analysis and study of constitutional reform and the legal framework of the State of Mexico is closed on February 27.
The objective of this format, in accordance with the Technical Secretariat for the Analysis and Study of Constitutional Reform and the Legal Framework of the State of Mexico, is to promote a broad dialogue that makes visible, strengthens and articulates the participation of all and all in the process of comprehensive analysis of the Constitution from the legal, political, sociological and governance perspectives.
This whole process stems from the initiative to reform the Mexican constitution promoted by the senator by Morena, Higinio Martínez, supported by legislators of his party and which, for the moment, has the consensus of most of the political forces of the entity.
«A few months ago I proposed to the local congress, within the initiative, to convene all actors and political and social sectors of the State of Mexico so that we could promote, with proposals, through seminars, debates, open parliaments, a review to know if our constitution is in line with what is now lived in the State of Mexico. My opinion is no, but my opinion is one, so what I proposed is that a multi-party commission, approved by Congress, be created that was not a party, recognized and driven by the Executive and the judiciary, to make reform,» the senator explained in interview.
This happened in August last year and since then a number of work has been carried out with a view to the comprehensive analysis of the Political Constitution of the State of Mexico and its legal framework.
«We seek to change the whole Constitution, perhaps not make a new one, but a great change that is supported by all the political, social and economic sectors and then let’s say: this is what we need to give a better quality of life to the Mexicans,» Martinez mused. 

In this process a plural group consisting of representatives of parliamentary groups, the three powers of the entity as well as educational institutions and autonomous bodies was created; the technical secretariat was also formed which is the methodological responsibility for the research and social participation processes and for drafting the final initiative. Groups were also set up to gather the opinions of municipalities according to the population.
«I believe that the Executive should be modified in the form of organization that he has, if the prosecution functions as such, how it should be organized in matters of health and urban that are two major problems of the State of Mexico because of the permanent immigration that we have. How public safety should be worked on, how benefit programs should work for the population, which are reforms to the executive branch to make it work much better, the much-needed reforms to the judiciary, reforms to the legislative branch. And finally, what hits a lot is municipal life, how municipalities should be governed, how they should improve their functioning,» the senator added for Morena.
That is why the legislator called on all those interested in participating in this process.
«Call all stakeholders from all political, social, economic, academic sectors who might be interested in this effort. It hasn’t done anything like this for over 20 years,» he concluded.
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