translated from Spanish: precandidata from Morena to Querétaro and magistrate

The former and current precandidata, for the third time, to the governor of Querétaro, Celia Maya García, was proposed as a magistrate to the Federal Court of Administrative Justice (TFJA). With this, you will be simultaneously on two public positions.
In a statement published in the Official Journal of the Federation and signed by Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the House of Senators, the three candidates proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador were announced to serve as judges members of the Third Section of the High Chamber of the Tribunal.
In the list are Joel Alberto García González, Celia Maya García and Natalia Téllez Torres Orozco. Your application will be subject to ratification by the Senate of the Republic.
The document stated that the ex-registration complies with all the requirements set out in article 45 of the Organic Law of the Tribunal, and reviewed her professional profile, which incorporates studies in the field of Tax Law and Public Accounting.
She mentioned her current performance as Deputy Director-General of the National Water Commission, from October 2019, and in the past she was Judge of the High Court of Justice of the State of Querétaro, from 1985 to 2019.
“(Maya García) has a good reputation, is distinguished by its honorability, competence and professional excellence in the exercise of legal activity and has experience in fiscal, administrative or control matters, administrative responsibilities, acts of corruption or accountability”.
The document concludes that Celia Maya is credited with possessing “the knowledge and quality necessary to meet the suitability profile of the judges appointed by the Federal Executive”.
Also Precandidata by Morena
It should be noted that Maya García has applied twice to be minister of the Supreme Court, but on no occasion did she succeed. The first time she was defeated by Yasmín Esquivel Mossa and was last defeated by Margarita Ríos Farjat. On one of those occasions he lost with zero votes.
At the time he claimed that he was anti-partisan; however, in 2018 it was presented by López Obrador as part of the terna for minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, a position he did not achieve either.
On the other hand, in December 2020 she was chosen, in the surveys orchestrated by Morena, as a candidate for the governor of Querétaro. However, it was not his first time in the contest over that charge.
In 2003 he ran for the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and in 2015 he reiterated it already on Morena’s side.
During the last days it has been the center of various signs, as was a festival that organized for its supporters of the municipality San Juan del Río, in which he was recorded dancing without water covers.
And on February 16th she was accused by the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) of spending more than 200,000 pesos on social media propaganda, she reported The Queretano.
With information from El Queretano.
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