translated from Spanish: What happened on a day like today?

World.- February 17 is a date that features several important events throughout the history of the world, for example: In 1913, american inventor and scientist Thomas Alva Edison presents in New York the first public sound film test, consisting of a quinoscope film (father of the modern film projector), synchronized to a phonograph. OTHER EPHEMERIS: 
1824.- The Congress of Peru appoints Simon Bolivar as the highest political and military authority and suspends the Constitution.
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1905.- Grand Duke Sergio of Russia, uncle of Tsar Nicholas II is killed in Moscow in a terrorist bombing.1934.- Leopold III of Belgium accedes to the throne after the death in accident of his father, King Albert I.1936.- Colonel Rafael Franco’s military pronouncement overthrows Paraguay’s president, liberal Eusebio Ayala.1949.- British Zionist leader Jaim Weizmann is elected first president of the State of Israel.1969.- Peru and the USSR sign the first trade agreement bilateral, after establishing diplomatic relations.1979.- Chinese troops invade the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, backed by the Soviet Union, a conflict that lasted 27 days.1981.- Spanish philologist Antonio Tovar is awarded the Goethe Prize in Hamburg, Germany, for his work for freedom of inquiry and chair.1986.- The 12 EEC member countries sign the Single European Act in Luxembourg and The Hague (Netherlands) , the first reform of the Treaty of Rome.1995.- Peru and Ecuador, confronted by a border dispute, they sign in Brasilia the “Itamaraty Peace Declaration”.2003.- A mentally disturbed man causes a fire in the Daegu subway (South Korea) that causes 192 dead.2008.- The Kosovo Regional Parliament, an Albanian majority territory, proclaims the unilateral independence of Serbia.BORN:
1745.- Alejandro Volta, Italian physicist, inventor of the electric battery named after him.1821.- María Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert, “Lola Montes”, Irish dancer and adventurer.1836.- Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Spanish romantic poet.1850.- Wenceslas Ramírez de Villa-Urrutia, Spanish diplomat and writer born in Havana.1926.- Manuel Millares, Spanish painter.1934.- Alan Bates, British actor.1945.- Maria Astrid of Luxembourg, Archduquesa of Austria.1963.- Michael Jordan, American basketball player.1981.- Paris Hilton , American actress and designer.1993.- Marc Marquez, Spanish motorcycle rider. Deaths:
1673.- Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, “Moliére”, French writer.1894.- Francisco Asenjo Barbieri, Spanish composer.1915.- Francisco Giner de los Ríos, Spanish educator and writer, founder of the Free Institution of Teaching.1937.- Pierre de Cobuertin, French, promoter of the Olympic Games of the modern era.1987.- Dimitri Kabaleski, Soviet composer.1998.- Ernst Jarger, German philosopher and writer.2004.- José López Portillo, former Mexican president.2010.- Kathryn Grayson, American actress.2012.- Enrique Sierra , Spanish musician.2016.- Andrzej Zulawski, Polish filmmaker.

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