translated from Spanish: 16 Morena contenders are targeted for the mayor of LazarusCardennes, Michoacán

Michoacán.- In the midst of internal conflicts between groups, impositions and inequity, so far there are 16 people who have registered as aspirants for the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) for the municipal presidency of Lázaro Cárdenas; It should be noted that at least five of these sighs are active authorities in the public administration.
The range of applicants ranges from the Union Congress, local deputies, entrepreneurs and representatives of Civil Associations, journalists, and even former militants from other parties such as the PRD, who seek to become the ones elected in the polls.
Among those who want to dispatch in the Porteño palace are the current federal deputy Julieta García Zepeda, the local deputy Teresa López Hernández, even the same mayor María Itzé Camacho Zapiaín, who has even been accused of alleged anticipated campaign acts.
Likewise, the carrier entrepreneur Francisco Javier Salazar, son of the newly released syndic Abel Salazar tries to reach the end of the internal process, while
former perreedist mayors Archimides Oseguera Solorio and Mariano Ortega Sánchez seek to repeat in this commission, now embedded in the Cherry party.
Also on the list is the leader of the group Mujeres Transformando con Amor, Azucena Mata Jiménez, who has joined with various representatives of sectors and living forces of the municipality,
the shaker Zulma Nallely Tovar Gil; former dif Municipal director Judith Adriana Silva Rosas, Aarón Campos Alvarado, Obdulio Arizmendi, journalist Jacobo Díaz Ortega, taxi leader Eliazar Cuevas, former Civil Registry officer Norma Mendoza Pérez, former municipal ecology holder Maribel Rodríguez Gómez, as well as Professor J. Guadalupe Martínez Gómez.
It will be in the first days of March, when the results of the survey will be announced, which will give the profile of the winner or winner of this internal fair of the icing party, which currently presents an alleged unity, but in the background is full of betrayals, agreements in the dark, and inequity, since more than five of the applicants occupy a position of popular choice , and is not seen for when they are separated from office to give equity to the process, as they make use of public resources for the positioning of their image.

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