translated from Spanish: Child dragged by Rio Bravo current dies as he attempts to cross into the US

A child under the age of eight drowned when he was swept away by the Rio Bravo stream, in an attempt to cross Mexico’s border with the United States. Elements of the Beta Group of the National Migration Institute (INM) regained their body on Wednesday afternoon.
The boy, of Honduran nationality, was in the company of several adults on an island located in the middle of the river when the current pulled him. 
“It did not support the pounding of the water, which enveloped and kept it submerged for several meters,” the INM announced through a statement.
An A-3 aerobote, belonging to the institute, had to be used to locate the infant, who was given CPR due to lack of vital signs.
The resuscitation continued on the river bank, where they awaited elements of the Fire Department; however, there was no success.
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Hours later, the children’s parents and younger sister were located, who had already crossed the border into the US, but were arrested by the Border Patrol after leaving the river.
His relatives were returned to the black stones border bridge to make legal recognition of the child’s body and begin the process for his return to Honduras.
The representation of the Consulate of Honduras in Coahuila granted the family temporary accommodation in the city, while the procedures for the transfer of the child’s body to their country are completed.
The INM reported that on the same island where the boy was, an eight-month-old woman, a five-year-old girl and an adult man, who were also trying to cross the border, were rescued alive.
The institute concluded the communiqué by ensuring that it “maintains a commitment to safeguarding and respecting the rights of individuals in the context of mobility, without undermining their immigration status, nationality or situation, political, economic or religious, with greater attention to vulnerable groups”.
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