translated from Spanish: Facundo Astudillo case: raid a police post at Lieutenant Origone

This morning, a group of investigators raided a police post in Lieutenant Origone, a town of the Villarino Party located 70 kilometers from Bahía Blanca as part of facundo’s death case Astudillo.Se is about a procedure requested by prosecutors Andrés Heim and Horacio Azzolín, as an amulet belonging to the 22-year-old had been found there.

The amulet belonged to Facundo Astudillo.

Experts from Gendarmería Nacional and the dogs of trainer Marcos Herrero (who found the amulet in one of the cells) contributed by the complaint of Cristina Castro Alaniz, mother of the young man, participated. The authorization for this process came after the Federal Chamber of Appeals of Bahía Blanca gave the go-ahead last Friday to evidence measures that had been raised and that had at first been rejected by the federal judge of Bahía Blanca in charge of the case, María Gabriela Marrón.De according to Leandro Aparicio, lawyer of Cristina Facundo’s mother “arranged and authorized by Federal Judge Walter López Da Silva because the judge (Brown) took leave.” He added: “I think this has been a heavy blow to the judge.”
In addition to the lawyer, there were Facundo’s mother, forensic expert Virginia Creimer, and provincial commission attorney for memory and complainant in the case, Margarita Jarque. According to Aparicio, “the luminol test will be carried out in the detachment as well as search for traces and DNA, among others.” The stagecoach at the Origone detachment is authorized for today and tomorrow, I understand that it will be done today and then you will see the results, I think with today it will be,” he concluded. Facundo was last seen on April 30 last when he left his home in the Bonaerian city of Pedro Luro in full quarantine for the coronavirus bound for Bahía Blanca to see his girlfriend, with whom he had argued. After being intercepted by the police for violating preventive and mandatory social isolation, it was only heard from him until 15 August, when his remains were found in a cangrejal in the town of General Daniel Cerri.

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