translated from Spanish: Hannibal Meosa: “I’m not thinking of quitting”

The president of Black and White, Hannibal Mosa, clarified that it is not in his head to resign from the head of the concessionaire of Colo Colo, after being no longer targeted as the main responsible for the club’s bad timing. At a press conference, the helmsman of the ‘Cacique’ stated that “no one has asked me to leave the club presidency, neither formal nor informally. I’ve faced him permanently, putting his chest on the bullets. I’m not thinking of quitting.”” Just, as an example, of the 10 most important decisions that were made at the club in 2020, they were all unanimous from the board. Responsibilities are shared, I understand that I want to be placed as the person who screwed this up, but to be fair, you have to review the decisions that have been made this year,” he added. In addition, the PuertoMontino businessman continued to defend himself by saying that “there are some who want to evade responsibility, the minutes are there, blame me for all the mistakes of this institution, I find it unfair.” Finally, Mosa claimed to feel empowered to continue in command of the concessionaire. “I feel able to keep this process going. The person who was always ahead, at the worst of times, was me, and I will keep giving my face,” he said.

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