translated from Spanish: Joe Biden immigration reform to congress

Washington.- Nearby sources said President Joe Biden’s immigration reform bill will arrive in the U.S. Congress on Thursday to try to get a document claimed for decades approved by millions of undocumented people. With the immigration plan that would be named “Citizenship Act 2021”, it is intended to benefit 11 million undocumented people, seeking to be a “complete, inclusive and bold” immigration reform, the source told EFE.
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It is also envisaged that the refugee reception programme should be extended and that asylum applications for minors be made in their country of origin, as well as legalizing millions of migrants. Read more: They blame Joe Biden for a new “wave” of immigrants in the United States, and also end the so-called public burden created by former President Donald Trump for those migrants who want to aspire to permanent residency and more investment in technology to protect the country’s southern border.

If the generality of the undocumented could aspire to permanent residence in five years and three years later for citizenship, those deadlines would be much shorter for young people who came to the country as children, known as “dreamers”, beneficiaries of the mostly Central American Temporary Protection Status (TPS) program, and agricultural workers. In their case, they could access a “immediate” legal residency and three years later citizenship, as advanced by the Blanca.La White House has left responsibility for the upper house initiative in the hands of veteran Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, who joined the bipartisan group known as the “Group of 8” that drafted the immigration reform bill in 2013 , who died in the House of Representatives, then controlled by the Republicans. Menendez has already warned that it will not be easy and he is right. With most Republicans against the initiative, it will be titanic work, because, without knowing all the details, doubts have already been raised about its viability. Read more: U.S. plans to admit entry of asylum seekers waiting in MexicoUs uncertain future
But this path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people faces a rough path, and both Democrats and Republicans have favored fragmenting the project and first presenting an initiative that would benefit “dreamers” and farmworkers, with a better chance of success. Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin, second in the Democratic hierarchy in that body, is one of those who has elected to that alternative to those elected to the DACA, who under the last Trump administration faced a tough fight in court to defend that program that gave them a temporary work and residence permit.

Family of migrants in the United States. Photo: EFE

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said at a press conference on Tuesday that Biden’s plans remain comprehensive immigration reform, as the elements that will be part of the bill “must all be addressed,” and that’s why she “proposed them together.” Such a broad immigration reform has found resistance in Congress for decades and a similar measure has not been passed since the then president, Ronald Reagan, granted amnesty to nearly three million immigrants in 1986. Since the proposal was announced, Menendez has directed his efforts to meet with Republicans for support. Read more: Migrant arrivals are doubled looking for the American dream”You are having the conversations you have to have to reach the minimum 60 votes” required to approve the bill in the Senate, added the source, which brazenly revealed who you have met with and what response has been received.
He’s had a very positive response from Democratic senators but he’s having very private conversations with Republicans, the source added.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who also joined the “Group of 8,” is one of the(e) expressed doubts that Biden’s plan would be approved in the upper house, because, he said, the bill is a long way from the one they drafted in 2013, which placed more emphasis on protecting the border.

Missed opportunity
The immigrant community does not forget former President Barack Obama’s promise to pass immigration reform in his first year at the helm of the country in 2009, but eventually the issue was not addressed until his second term and did not get the green light he needed to get to his desk for signature. If in the Senate the project will be led by Menéndez, in the House of Representatives Linda Sánchez will be in charge of trying to maintain the discipline of vote on this issue and do not miss any votes that jeopardize the project in the lower house, where democrats have a meagre majority. In the view of Californians, the undocumented, “dreamers” and TPS beneficiaries keep the country in “operation” and “deserve permanent protection.” We need bold immigration reform, now,” Biden says in a statement on his official Facebook account. Just a few days to know the fine print of the bill, because as the White House spokeswoman acknowledged will come “soon” to Congress.It should be mentioned that since Biden was swore to office on January 20th, when she announced the bill, the arrival in Congress of the bill keeps immigrants, activists and others who support this community in the face , who have set their hopes on the Democrat initiative, which gives a 180-degree turn to the Trump Administration’s attacks on immigration, both legal and undocumented.

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