translated from Spanish: No more dawn nightmare: Colo Colo beat Conce U. 1-0 and remains in First Division

Colo Colo saved the category and will remain in the honor series of the national football by surpassing on Wednesday the minimum account to Universidad de Concepción, in the match for the stay that was played at the Fiscal Stadium of Talca.Los albos finally end with smiles and hugs a 2020 campaign for oblivion, while those of Campanil ‘Campanil’ will play the 2021 season in the second category of Chilean professional football. Nerves took over the encounter at the start. The actions were locked, with few arrivals at the porticos and continuous fouls on both sides. The game was very cut. The first in-depth notice was for the ‘Cacique’, at 2 minutes. Ignacio Jara received at the entrance of the area and pulled out a powerful left-hander who found the good reaction of the goalscorer Guillermo Reyes.The albos proposed a little more in the field and those of the ‘Campanil’ bet on the long ball, albeit without hurting. That’s until the 19th minute, when the unevenness came on the scoreboard and the goal of salvation for the cast ‘popula’. With his speed and skill, the young Argentine winger Pablo Solari became an amusement park, entered the area eluding rivals and when everyone waited the center pulled out a strong left-hander that violated the resistance of the penquista goal. Already in the add-on, the team led by Hugo Balladares slightly advanced the lines and that allowed him to approach with danger the area of a Colo Colo that had a hard time having the ball. At 71′ the tie was close. Cecilio Waterman held the ball in the area and pulled out a mid-turn shot that found the big reaction of Bryan Cortés, who saved with his left foot. Shortly thereafter, at 73 minutes, Gustavo Quinteros had the clearest of the second 45′. Pablo Solari gained in speed from the left and instead of taking the center back to the goal, ball that Reyes caught to beat and then hit horizontally. Already entering the final stretch, the duel became tense and hot again. The last clear was held by Colo Colo, at 85′, with an entrance by Ivan Morales with an advantage, but it took a long time to define and was anticipated by an advocate. Consignar that at 90+7 minutes he was expelled in the southern painting Leandro Diaz, by an iron on Jeysson Rojas.El ‘Cacique’ endured in the hour of truth the pressure of being able to fall for the first time in its history to the First B, while University of Conception joins Deportes Iquique and Coquimbo Unido as the teams that said goodbye to the top category. .

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