translated from Spanish: Seiko Hashimoto is appointed chairwoman of the JJ Organizing Committee. Oo.

Former Japanese Olympics Minister Seiko Hashimoto was elected on Thursday as chair of the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee, following Yoshiro Mori’s resignation last week, to criticism of a series of sexist comments made in early February. Hashimoto, who has resigned from the Ministry first thing on Thursday, has confirmed that he has accepted the post and added that the prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, has transferred his support to him, as collected by the Japanese news agency Kiodo.” I have presented my resignation as Minister of Olympics to the Prime Minister and have been elected as a candidate for president of the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee,” she said after her meeting with Suga, as reported by news portal Japan Today.Hashimoto, who competed in ice speed skating at four Winter Olympics and on-piste cycling at three Summer Olympics between 1984 and 1996 , achieved a bronze medal at the 1992 Winter Olympics in the French city of Albertville.On the other hand, Tamayo Marukawa, mp of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), will be appointed as the new Minister of Olympics, according to sources quoted by Kiodo, without for the time being there being official confirmation of this decision. Mori, who was prime minister of Japan, resigned from office on February 12 after seven years at the helm of the organization, for which he was elected by the former Japanese head of government, Shinzo Abe.The politician raised controversy over a series of comments made during a meeting on February 3, when he noted that the Committee’s meetings would be extended in the presence of a high number of women given that , in their opinion, they tend to give all their opinion “as soon as one of them raises her hand”. These statements were made in reference to the Committee’s plan to increase the percentage of women on its board of directors from 20% to 40%, with which the Chair suggested that their intervention time should be restricted.

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