translated from Spanish: The Oscars will have their own Notch: Objects, Clothes, Characters and Simulators

This september 30th will open its doors at the Academy Museum dedicated to movies and film in the city of Los Angeles. The place will be housed in a six-story building, with iconic objects of remembered films and inaugural exhibitions by Pedro Almodóvar, Spike Lee and Hayao Miyazaki.Dorothy’s red shoes (Judy Garland) in “The Wizard of Oz,” the dress Salma Hayek used to play Frida Kahlo (in the film “Frida”), the original doors of “Casablanca” coffee, or Orson Welles’ “The Citizen” sleigh are just a few of the pieces that will be in exhibition permanently, in addition to temporary exhibitions, in this complex of 27,000 square meters.

“Our museum will be iconic in the world, with very fruitful collaborations. We have a very nice future ahead of us. It’s exciting to be able to work with so many geniuses. It’s going to be a magical space, in Los Angeles, for the world,” Raúl GuzmánGuzmán told Télam, worked as artistic director of NBC Universal, was an adjunct director of Cinema Tropical and organized film cycles along with the Guggenheim and neighborhood museum, among others. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures experience will begin in the Grand Lobby of the Saban Building, in the Spielberg family room, which will be open to the public for free and surround visitors with multiple screens who will offer a film of the history of cinema, which will encompass a quick screening from the beginning of the Lumiere brothers to the present day.

Right there you can see the largest object in the entire collection: the only shark model that survived the passage of time, 500 kilos and seven meters long, made of fiberglass, which was used in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic, and which the filmmaker christened “Bruce, the shark”, in homage to his lawyer.

On the third floor, it will be dedicated to the youngest and not so much as visitors will encounter the originals of “E.T. the Alien”, the endearing R2-D2 and C-3PO of the “Star Wars” saga along with models, models, costumes and animations used in Snow White and Bugs Bunny, among other figures of animated cinematography. For his part, the director of the Bill Kramer Museum noted: “We will open the Academy Museum with exhibitions and programs that will illuminate the complex and fascinating world of cinema – its art, technology, artists, history and social impact, through a variety of diverse and attractive voices. We will tell stories of cinematic creation with a global perspective.” Undoubtedly, one of the museum’s must-sees will be the “Oscar Experience”, an immersive environment that will allow visitors to simulate the experience of taking to the Stage of the Dolby Theatre, applause in between, and receiving the much-precious golden statuette. In addition to the samples that will go through the work, influences and passions of Spike Lee, Pedro Almodóvar and Hayao Miyazaki. By 2022 he plans to make a exhibition entitled “Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898-1971” that will highlight the work of independent African-American filmmakers, with the intention of “redefining the history of American cinema” and “presenting a more inclusive story”, in the words of the director.

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