translated from Spanish: Alcohol sales schedule depends on Covid-19 in Mazatlan

Sinaloa.- The Senior Official of mazatlan City Council awaits the conditions of the pandemic to determine the extension of schedules for the sale of intoxicating drinks in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In addition to the installation of vendors who are normally installed in the tourist area.” Let’s wait and see how the traffic light is, according to the behavior of the pandemic is how the health protocols will adapt,” said Javier Lira González, senior officer. 
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Although the Easter holiday is about a month away, Lira González said an operation will be held for those dates. The official asserted that if the traffic light increases at the port, more restrictions will have to be made.

Read more: “If the transformation is working”: Procurator syndicate of Mazatlan According to the official, they value each week the figures of Covid-19 to grant the extension of schedules to the shops of the port. The index of active and suspicious cases is a factor that is taken into account in the definition of this topic, he said. The senior officer commented that an operation will be held on these dates, in addition to supervising the musicians’ schedules. Inspection
He assured that every day they carry out monitoring so that musicians who travel throughout the tourist area, comply with the indications of the authorities. At the beginning of Lent, Senior Officer’s staff toured seafood sales shops to ensure that health protocols were respected. Javier Lira stressed that they are looking for places to review, where they believe that there may be crowds. Read more: Mayor of Escuinapa applies second dose of Covid-19 VaccineThe Data
VerificationOn the last weekend, the Inspectorate of Senior Officer of the City Council understerated two businesses and lifted one administrative act to another for not monitoring the healthy distance between clients. ExpectationThe hotel sector of Mazatlan already reports a reservation of 60 percent for the days of Easter and Easter, despite the health emergency that continues to claim lives in the entity. 

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Original source in Spanish

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